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This is the Announcements Page. After checking what's new, hit the squiggle above to continue on to the Home Page. Refresh this page each time you visit to be sure you see the latest news and additions!

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This is a Featured GeoPlus Site at GeoCities WhiteGold Web is a Featured Page at GeoCities where services are offered ranging from free web pages to commercial sites. Authoring tools and goodies make web building fast and easy.

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To the Home Page! There are some shortcuts to try. The squiggle above and the hand below will take you to the Home Page, and the squiggle in the Home Page will take you to Today's Digest. Just hold the mouse over any squiggle to see where it goes.

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Netscape Nudging

Netscape browsers will now see a more accurate rendition of WhiteGold Web. Look in the Library, the Lab, and the Home Page. There is no way to color the borders yet, but the "white spaces" appear more like they do in Internet Explorer.

Geocities does something unusual to the Splash Page or [index.html]. A JavaScript working fine in all the other pages returned non-ascii characters and crashed Netscape rev 2.x and below. The script has been removed, and my hatemail has been greatly reduced.

Wipe your mouse at the lower left corner in the black below each page to see the hidden revision information.

Netscape 3.x should be crashproof now. No method yet has surfaced to make the Past Posts more navigable--Netscape won't recognize anchor names within frames.

Those still having trouble, please email me ASAP.

FWIW The Art Bell Web Page seems to have adopted a familiar style.

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Midi Mood Music

After the Splash Page, WhiteGold Web is silent.

This will start JukeBox for Internet Explorer If you want music, you'll find a link to start the JukeBox here, in the Library, and in the Home Page. The JukeBox will begin in its own browser window. The original JukeBox was written for IE.

This is for the Netscape Version Netscape users will need to resize. IE users with big fonts will want the Netscape version.

Once it's running, tick in the JukeBox picture to start a selection box. Why not try it now. Hit the link below to..

Start the JukeBox for IE
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Featured Artist Album

This is a special JukeBox for featured artists.

This will start the Featured Artist Album for Internet Explorer This music is written and performed by the artist himself. These are "live" midi recordings, selected to give the best ambiance for reading and drifting through these pages. The featured artist album will begin in its own browser window.

This is for the Netscape Version Netscape users will need to resize. IE users with big fonts will want the Netscape version.

"Quiet Storm" by Markie Today's featured artist album is "Quiet Storm" by Markie. The midis were made with a Yamaha Synth driving an AWE 32. Midisoft Studio was used for mixing and voicing. These pieces are especially brilliant when played with a wave synthesizer. The sound seems to shimmer as it takes you away.

Creative Labs SoundBlaster AWE 32 This music is intended to be played with a wave synth. If you do not have an AWE 32 synth, you can download one of these 16sec wave samples from "Ballad for Billson" and hear what you're missing..

Wave Sample 22KHz 16Bit Stereo 1.48Meg
Wave Sample 22KHz 8Bit Stereo 740K

After you start your album, tick on the Radio in the JukeBox, or tick on a number to play a piece. You don't want to miss this..

Quiet Storm for IE
Quiet Storm for Netscape

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Go ahead--Make my day.. BetaWebbers--Use this link to send the WebMaster email for feedback..

WhiteGold Web Tour

Be sure to visit all the areas of WhiteGold Web at least once. The best way to do that is to look for a multi-colored bullet or the key word "Tour".

See if you can start the JukeBox above. Then check all the things here in this page, and after that..

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Internet Explorer Patch

A security problem caused Microsoft to release two hasty patches to cover a breach in user system security. It was possible that a hostile website could force feed a user's system with changes in the user's icon behavior. When the user would tick on a familiar icon, an unfamiliar and potentially dangerous proceedure would be evoked. This was discovered by friendly hackers, and so far, no real user has been troubled.

The patches may have repaired the security problem; however, they have left Internet Explorer prone to lockup and crash. Should your IE become troublesome, please complain to Microsoft immediately. Oh, well. There's always good ol' Netscape.

If you haven't updated IE yet, just walk this plank..

Download and Install the..Update

Special Font

The font used here is If the rest of the text is different, you don't have the font yet!and is normally is installed by Microsoft Explorer v3.x. If you don't have it, you can get it now. Follow this link to..
Download and Install the Font

The Right Stuff

Running the latest IE? (Netscape users can't even SEE this!) This site follows standard HTML rules and syntax. Only Internet Explorer renders the HTML as it was intended. Border colors, kerning, and navigation are all suffered with Netscape. Both browsers can exist on your system, and IE runs on Win95, WinNT, Win31, and even on Macs. The installation is automatic, it's free, and plenty of instruction is included.

See this site (and the rest of the World) as it was intended..

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Chat Room

Get a free Chat Room at Earthweb Earthweb Chat is a nice addition to our website. Now that it is online, we can finally meet eachother and face off key-to-key right here in our corner of cyberspace. Visit Earthweb with this link and..
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Website Host

Get a Free Website This GeoPlus site is privately owned and is hosted at GeoCities.

You can get a free two-meg website at GeoCities for your own homepage. Take this link and..

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