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Hudson's Australian Patent

For Your Eyes Only: The Hudson Patent Probably the most complete version of the Hudson Patent is here in HTML form.

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The Australian Patent

Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure

PARANORMAL For those who prefer a different path to the discovery of ORMEs, this paper covers quite alot of ground.

Read a serious treatment of..

Paranormal Observations


The Pensive Alchemist

The Pensive Alchemist A young alchemist ponders the imagery and possibilities of a lifetime. See the mystifying woodcuts and begin..

The Alchemist's Ancient Quest


From the Bible

Let there be Light The following are references to Manna as found in the Bible. Taken alone as individual passages, they seem cryptic or banal; however, when seen gathered together and in the light of other readings, they take on a more significant meaning.

Is Manna the Philosopher's Stone?

See the compiled passages of..

Biblical References to Manna
And to Gold Glass


Interview with a Consumer

Taped Interview An anonymous interview between binga, the Forum moderator, and a key player in the area of monoatomic elements who has taken ORMEs.

This one is..

For the Record


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