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  WhiteGold Forum Abstract
Welcome to the White Gold Forum. This forum is devoted to the exploration and discussion of asymmetrically deformed nuclei also known as the David Hudson material (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORMEs)), White Powder of Gold (WPG), the Philosopher's Stone, and the Biblical Manna. Threads focusing on both the philosophic and technologic aspects of this material are highly encouraged.


WhiteGold Forum Internet Addresses

Just tick on the appropriate address below. If your browser can originate email, you can sign up or quit the list right here. Be sure that you are using the email address that you want WhiteGold Forum posts sent to. Should you change your email address at any time, first join WhiteGold Forum using the new address, then quit WhiteGold Forum using the old address. You won't miss any posts.

You can even send a post right now, if you like. Simply "reply" to any WhiteGold Forum post--either the original Forum or the Digest--and your mail program will find the correct address in the headers. It's automatic. If you originate a new topic, use the address below. All new posts to WhiteGold Forum first go to binga, our moderator. Binga assures that your message is appropriate and then reposts it to the actual list for all to see. If you're new, you might want to read the rest of the FAQ first and then read the required past posts to get you caught up. There's quite a lot here.

To contribute posts to the list, first read this FAQ and then read the Past Posts in the Library. When you have something new and interesting to contribute, send email to..


To join the list, send an empty (nothing required in the subject or body) message to..


To leave the list, send an empty message to..


For those not wanting multiple posts but prefering periodic long posts, a digest is available. WhiteGold Forum Digest contains all the individual posts and is published at the moderator's request. There may be several digests per day or as few as one per week, depending on list traffic.

These digests are all posted in the Library within 12 hours. You could visit here at any time and pick up any digest you want. To save them for later, tick anywhere in the text, tick on [File], [Save as File], and save it to your desktop. Name it anything you like. Just tick on the icon any time you want, and Notepad or Write will launch a window with the digest for you to read.

WhiteGold Forum Digest is a separate list. To change from one list to another, be sure to "quit" the list you are leaving.

To join the digest, send an empty message to..


To leave the digest the list, send an empty message to..


All Forum and member issues must first be presented to the moderator whom we know as "binga"..


Any technical problems that are not resolvable by the moderator should be addressed to the system administrator, Buzz Lange..



A Message from the Moderator

As a subscriber, you have entered an environment in which diversity, open-mindedness and nonlinear thinking are fostered. As such, opposing and sometimes radical views will often arise. Frequently these types of ideas force us to question the very foundations of our belief systems thereby causing us to feel uncomfortable and act in a defensive manner.

Whether you agree or disagree with a particular post, please come to the table with information which supports your position OR wait to post your views until such time as you can. It is my sincere hope that subscribers will shore up their opinions with verifiable fact(s) as many forums tend to run amok with dogma and pedantic machinations. In other words: please refrain from posts based solely on opinion (professional opinions excluded of course).

This does not mean that we can't explore hypothetical situations. In fact, speculation is one of our most powerful allies in this great quest for knowledge. I for one, would like to explore the logistics of bio-location or the impact these materials might have on society at large (if they indeed perform as has been conjectured).

I also ask that we limit our anecdotal accounts to first-person testimonials, as many times third- or fourth-person hearsay is based solely upon rumour. Only you can be the judge of truth/accuracy/necessity in these matters. As with everything, use your best judgment.

One of the marvels of this subject is that it brings together people of divergent backgrounds and interests. Among us are physicists, healers, chemists, artists, philosophers, alchemists and engineers. Some of us have been following this work for years. Others have only recently heard begun their research.

Our range of experience is diverse, but we come together now on this common ground. We do not know each other. So I ask, by way of introduction, that your first post include a short profile of yourself, your background, interests and/or how you came to be involved with this work. There's no pressure here to create a masterpiece...a short post will suffice.

Some of us are principles, or have personal connections to principle figures in this adventure. Others have extensive libraries, databases and laboratories at our disposal. It is my hope that we can synergistically explore this extraordinary time in our lives by combining our knowledge and resources. What ever your area of specialization/interest, you are an integral part of this puzzle--welcome!

Strength in Wisdom



WhiteGold Forum Mechanics 101


WhiteGold is a moderated forum. Moderated meaning: all posts are reviewed before being sent out to subscribers.

Realizing that there is a fine line between moderation and censorship, I would like to expound upon what constitutes inadmissible posts:

Posts which attack, inflame or defame.
Posts which infringe upon copyright laws.
Posts in which the essential message is: "Me too." or "I agree/disagree."
Posts which clearly have nothing to do with the subject at hand.*
*Fringe elements will be considered on an individual basis.


It is understood that email is a unique communication environment which facilitates quick responses. As such, it is recognized that many posts will contain misspellings and grammatically incorrect phrases...it's inevitable. Please be considerate of your fellow forum members in this regard. If the matter is of a critical nature (bibliographic reference, phone number, etc.) please email me directly (binga@zz.com) and I will in turn track down and post the correct information.

Email Addresses

All posts will be stripped of any individual email addresses. If you would like (or don't mind) having people contact you directly, add your email address and any other pertinent contact information to your signature lines.

Subject Lines

Please pay particular attention to Subject lines when replying to posts. If your post does not pertain specifically to the subject, be certain to change the field line in your post. This will keep the threads organized and easier to follow.


The list-server updates posts every two hours but there could be a slight delay (as much as 24-36 hours) in having your post appear in the forum. The delay is unavoidable due to length of time between actual email transmission, reception and moderation. If, for some reason, you do not see your post with in that period of time (assuming it was a legitimate post), please contact me directly via binga@zz.com.



WhiteGold Digest Archive, Library, and Gallery

This is where members and visitors download and experience interesting sights, sounds, past posts, and reading materials. Here also is where the new member must go to "catch up" on all his reading before he can post. WhiteGold Web Forum Files are much easier to use than those found via the older FTPmail system (still available at zz.com) described in the next section. The files here are immediate and identical. Some may not be here in WhiteGold Web just yet, but they are all coming.

Watch for "Announcements" when you first arrive next visit. Be sure to refresh your page to see the latest updates.

This link will take you to..

WhiteGold Web Library



WhiteGold Forum Archive via FTPMail

WhiteGold Forum Archive at zz.com contains files which are available for download including: Hudson's British patent, transcripts of his appearances, and past posts to the forum (most of these are here in WhiteGold Web and are available immediately). It is highly recommended that you download and read the forum's previous threads prior to posting (Past Posts are available in the Library now). The moderator will not post submissions containing previously discussed material unless the post builds upon or adds to prior elements. At present please allow two hours for delivery.

GoldIndex lists available WhiteGold files available via FTPmail..

See GoldIndex


This is the online FTP Site for WhiteGold Web..

FTP Site


To receive WhiteGold Archive help instructions email..


Include the word..

in the body portion of the post.

To receive other files email..


use the words


Multiple requests, of up to ten (10) per email, are supported (one per line).

*MAGICNAME See index to determine which magicnames get which files. Ie:

get patent
get patentgifs
get pkzip204g

This is a MAGICNAME--"pkzip204g".



Uploading Instructions for the Archive

All uploads should conform to following formats:

Text: text or ascii only.
Documents: *.doc files sent MIME
Graphics: zip or gif sent as bin uuencoded or MIME.
Hint: Just let your email program send the file.

All files go to Buzz at Earthlink..


If Earthlink is down, 99K max files can be sent to..

Include a short description of the uploaded file. The description will be added to GoldIndex to assist forum members seeking files. The description can go in the email holding the attached file. When files are sent to zz.com, it is very important that you alert the domain sysadmin of their presence.

Send an alert to Buzz at zz.com..




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